Welcome to Gamers on the Run.

Organizers of Premier Pokemon Tournament Events.

There are some new exciting things coming to Play! Pokemon's Championship Series.
With changes on the horizon some changes needed to be made so we can continue 
to bring great events to Michigan and our neighboring states. 
Our Premier events information can be found at our web site


What do we do:
We have well over a decade of organizing, playing and judging Premier Pokemon Events.
We are sanctioned TO's and Judges in the Play! Pokemon Professor Program.
We will continue to run events locally and are available to help new stores run their events.
Are you a retailer that wants to run Prereleases and tournaments but need a TO? Here we are.
We also plan on bring events to new areas and arenas.
We are excited to be able to grow events in Michigan.

Who are you and What are your credentials?
Rich Lindsay and George North may be familiar to experienced players.
Our "Day jobs" bring over 20 years of experience in international business and event planning.
Combined we have over 16 years of Pokemon Professor/ Judge experience that dates back to WOTC Days.
Highlights of experience are staffing at the Pokemon World Championships three times, 
Seven years as judge at US Nationals along with 
Head judge and judging at over 40 Regionals, States and Gym Challenges.

Our league is one of the original TPCi leagues. 
Over the years we have had several players qualify to Worlds and win Regional and State Championships. 

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